I am a creator and tinkerer, and I keep my eyes on the big picture.

More specifically, I love all things involved with building the web.

While most people that I’ve run across in my career are good at marketing strategy, design, writing, or programming, I’ve always been fascinated by it all.

This blend of skills allows me to take ideas and turn them into reality.

I am based in Springfield, Ohio. Sometimes The Simpsons really is about us.

My latest work:

Florida Telecommunications Relay 2017 · ftri.org

It was time for me to roll up my sleeves, dust off a 10-year-old website, and give it a more modern touch.

I blog occasionally…

— Latest Post —

Setting up all kinds of full-domain redirects in S3 and CloudFront

When removing an entire domain/subdomain and redirecting it, I’ve found Amazon Web Services S3 and CloudFront to be a nice toolset. For most use cases, AWS is cheap, easy, and reliable. Let’s look over how to do the most common redirection scenarios.

Some tools that I enjoy working with:

Ruby on Rails
Foundation for Sites