Gutter Solutions Customer Portal
Built in 2016

Developed while working for Liquifusion Studios.

Gutter Solutions needed some updates to an application built on a really old version of Ruby on Rails. (It was so old that we couldn’t find any information about how to start it up.)

We persuaded the client to let us rebuild the application using Rails 5, automated RSpec tests, and a more modern responsive user interface.

Now the application is mobile-accessible to Gutter Solutions’ customers, and it is built on a reliable foundation tested automatically by RSpec feature and unit tests.

Project Contributions

  • End-to-end solution
  • Wireframe prototypes built with Balsamiq Mockups
  • Responsive web application design
  • Back-end Ruby on Rails programming
  • Automated testing using RSpec and Capybara
  • Docker hosting setup on Cloud 66

Tools Used

Ruby on Rails
Foundation for Sites
Balsamiq Mockups
Cloud 66
Amazon Web Services