Florida Telecommunications Relay
Built in 2017 · ftri.org

Developed while working for Liquifusion Studios.

It was time for me to roll up my sleeves, dust off a 10-year-old website, and give it a more modern style.

Florida Telecommunications Relay’s website was quite good for as old as it was, but I felt that it was missing a human touch. My prescription was a large photo on the home page showing a person benefiting from the great services that FTRI provides.

The old site was also lacking clear calls to action on its key pages, especially on the product pages. (Clicking for more info about a product just loaded a page with a picture of the product. That’s all.) On the new site, I took extra care to always be pointing the visitor to their goal of signing up to receive an application.

Another major thing that a 10-year-old website does not provide is a good experience on mobile devices. I was able to build the front end from the ground up, mobile-first.

The last challenge: FTRI’s website is heavily integrated with a ColdFusion system that runs much of the organizations’s operations. I was able to decouple all of the functionality that the website depends on into a JSON API, powered by CFWheels.

The new website front end, powered by Rails and Alchemy CMS, interacts with the API so that key data automatically syncs with the website.

Project Contributions

  • End-to-end solution
  • Design prototyped in Adobe Fireworks
  • Responsive website design implementation
  • Clear calls to action on key pages
  • Integration with Alchemy CMS
  • Back-end Ruby on Rails programming
  • CFWheels-powered JSON API
  • Automated testing using RSpec
  • Docker hosting setup on Cloud 66

Tools Used

Ruby on Rails
Alchemy CMS
Foundation for Sites
Cloud 66
Amazon Web Services
SQL Server