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Creating great web pages

This simple chart by Jessica Hagy is perfect when you think about web pages:

Little information leads to confusion. Too much information leads to confusion. Somewhere in between leads to the least confusion.

A single web page addresses a single topic. As the amount of information on your site grows, each page’s ability to walk this fine line grows more important.

Include the right amount of information—no more—and give the visitor a clear set of next steps. (You may have heard of these next steps referred to as “calls to action.”)

Even as a writer, you are also a designer.

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First 2 words

If you only had 11 characters to describe your content, what would your message say? As it turns out, sometimes that’s all that you can get people to “see” when they’re scanning for links to click.

This puts importance on how you’re using those characters in your page titles, but it also has a ton of implications for things like your headlines, headers, and how you start paragraphs.

Read on to find out why.

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Write ahead

I’ve always wondered how some bloggers do it. How do they consistently release stories? For me, inspiration has always come in spurts. When I write one good post, I more than likely can write 10 more quality posts in the same sitting.

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