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Using Dandelion for simple website deployments

Anyone building simple static websites has been there. You start out putting your website live by FTPing your files to the web server. With so many free FTP tools out there, life is grand.

But then FTP becomes problematic when you start making changes to the website. Which files did you change? When you make a mistake remembering, you end up with missing images, incorrect style sheets, broken links, and other issues with your pages and assets.

Read on for a tutorial about a simple tool that I’ve found to be useful in helping me avoid these problems.

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Online marketing suite: I have a dream

I have a dream of a glorious website system. One that will tie all channels together and show marketers a clear picture of what’s happening. A system that has an opinion on what the best practices are. A system that is human compatible, not just web server compatible.

The analysts call it an online marketing suite [via Wayback Machine]. And apparently I have quite a bit to say about online marketing suites. Read on for the opine.

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Social artifacts

If you’re into marketing at all (which I’m trying to teach you about), you need to be producing all kinds of social artifacts. There are a lot of tools out there that you need to be learning. A lot of them are online.

I will be sharing ideas about the more common social artifacts: video, audio, articles, presentations, blogging, and document sharing.

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