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The opportunity in blogging

At this point, no one can deny that Facebook and Twitter are huge. And they often can help you reach out to people who share interests in your products and services (but not always). Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing quick links and quick thoughts.

I love this, and I love what this does for blogging.

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Prototyping a service

As many fields, products, and services are becoming commoditized, it’s become increasingly important to plan and implement a great customer experience. Much of this involves planning and gauging how your business makes your customer feel. Creating those “wow” moments aligned with your strategy is key.

Read on to find out what I’ve been learning from E-myth and Adaptive Path about how prototyping can be an effective tool for meeting these ends.

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Show, don’t tell

Time and time again, I’ve been able to increase website performance simply by showing, not telling. Showing is a lot harder than telling. Presentations, graphics, videos, Flash animations, and demos are a lot harder than writing words.

Don’t get me wrong: the words are important. They’re what search engines see. People still need to read some.

But in this visual YouTube generation, people need to see that your product or service meets their needs, not just read about it.

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Becoming the authority

Sometimes there just isn’t room for you at the top. If you’re in a field with experts and join late, then you’re going to have a hell of a time getting to authority status. It’s not impossible, but you’re setting yourself up for a tough fight.

I’ve been finding myself in that spot over the past couple days. I’ll talk a little about the options I have available and where I want to go. (Maybe you’ll pick an idea up too.)

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