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Working consistently with some advice from Jerry Seinfeld

Research is showing over and over again that you become an expert only after years of hard, consistent work. Some have even put a quantity on what it takes: 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. (Not just showing up for 10,000 hours, but working hard for 10,000 hours.)

It’s difficult for me to admit this publicly, but sometimes I’m just not feeling it when it comes to work. And it’s hard for me to “trick myself” into following a certain behavior. I’m sure I’m not alone, so I’m going to share a little piece of advice that has been helping me out for a few years now.

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Balancing a day job and starting a business

Many (lucky) entrepreneurs like myself need to work a day job while trying to start their business. A start-up doesn’t usually rake in the money immediately, so the bills need to be paid somehow.

I’ve made a few observations lately about where I’ve gone wrong in balancing my priorities over the past few years and how I want to adjust the course. I need to get this thing going!

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The need to document your business with policies and procedures

One of the most influential business books of all time, The E-Myth Revisited,¬†extols the virtues of documenting your business extensively. If your business doesn’t have an operations manual, then it’s not really a business. A business without documentation depends on the owner’s presence in order to run. That means no vacation, no sick days, and no retirement for the founder. The business owner basically becomes a slave to his customers.

At first glance, I am intimidated by the idea of documentation of this type. Web design and development changes rapidly. It’s insanely hard to keep up. Sometimes it feels like once I’ve finally mastered a technique, a new tool or technique comes along to replace it. But then again, this very problem makes me a slave to those very things.

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