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Book review: The Brand Gap

Marty Neumeier’s The Brand Gap is a quick read that leaves you with a lot. Neumeier left behind prose for this one and presents his ideas in a presentational “white board” format. Once you’ve flipped through, you’ve learned what a brand really is and how to create an effective one.

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Eating your own dog food

If you think about the way certain people within your company work, you’ll realize that it’s easy for employees to be removed from customers and even their companies’ own products and services. In a lot of cases, I think the most removed people are in marketing, IT, and senior management.

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Creating a logo

I complained earlier that I had no branding on my blog, which is still true. But the big hold-up was in my getting off my ass and choosing a logo. Guess what… it’s finally done!

Clear Crystal Media Logo

I spent a lot of time deciding on which of my doodlings to use for a logo. Let me explain how you should always approach this kind of decision for your company.

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