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The opportunity in blogging

At this point, no one can deny that Facebook and Twitter are huge. And they often can help you reach out to people who share interests in your products and services (but not always). Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing quick links and quick thoughts.

I love this, and I love what this does for blogging.

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For the blog-obsessed

I was just thinking about how many feeds I subscribe to (huh?) and how many blog posts I read. I almost never leave comments. But blogs are a conversation, or else they wouldn’t have the comment area.

When is the last time that you commented on a blog post that you read? It’s time to challenge yourself to have a conversation on the next blog post that you read. (It doesn’t have to be this post, but that wouldn’t hurt!)

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Am I writing to you?

Having a blog in a crowded industry is difficult and discouraging. Everyone has a blog about marketing.

I’m not the only one with this problem, and this problem isn’t limited to my industry. There is a lot of noise out there. The difference is that a lot of people aren’t even aware that they have this problem. Do you have it too?

I will cover who I’m writing to. And I hope this post will influence you take a second to think about who you’re writing to as well.

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How to optimize your blog

I’ve mentioned some of these tips before, but here are a few quick wins for optimizing your blog and getting the word out. With these tips, you’ll get your blog indexed by search engines faster, publicized in multiple places, and ranked higher in search engines. All that you need to do after following these tips is create the killer content!

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